Effective 8-8-2019

All orders are non-refundable/non-returnable after order has been placed and paid for due to being custom orders produced overseas. By ordering through us, buyers understands that normal costs for port authorities, logistics companies, and trucking/freight forwarding companies will be covered within the original invoice when ordered as DDP product prices. By ordering from us as DDP, Buyer agrees and understands that any additional fees incurred by such other companies beyond the normal scope of the delivering/transport costs will be held responsible by the buyer and the buyer shall pay off all fees before receiving their order. If buyer becomes delinquent in paying off any fees incurred, the sellers reserves the right to claim any products in which the fees exceed the cost of the order. If orders are by FOB products prices, the above policies do not apply as the buyer would be fully responsible for the product once it arrives to port successfully.